This is a special and limited offer for one of my existed service

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Why? is url shortener service wich allows publishers (members) to earn money for each visitor to their shortened links! They will get payed for each visit to their short link.
As publishers want to earn, they short links and share them every where in order to get a lot of visitors to their short links. As soon as they get visitors, their earning increase.

What will you get as SEOCLERKS value member?
Listen: Publishers are doing their best to get visitors to their shot links; because their earnings depend of number of visitors to their shot links. This is where you’ll profit. Any clicks TO publisher short link must be validated by CAPTCHA. this means, when someone clicks to a publisher short link, he must complet first captcha before get in destination link. And Good news: your banner ads (728×90 or 920×90) will be displayed exactly above captcha (Solve Media) like here
So no wory and realy, this is a great banner ads opportunity, and we have more than 900 members and more than 3000 short links

We have some conditions:

Not porn, illegal, racism sites!
Banner size (728×90 or 920×90)
Banner Positions (above captcha).
Your banner will be display for 60 days above captcha starting your order delivering date.