About Us

With Novamarketplace, you can creat your store.sell any product.shop safely.make money.

Work with us

We have taken all the hard work out of running your ecommerce site.
No more agonising about wich solution, design, security
or managing payment options.
It’s all in one place: http://novamarketplace.com

Focus on your Sale

Focussing on your core business, your store and products while we are setting and managing all for you

Community Platform

Leverage for buying services as part of a community vs individuals – awsome features to success

Marketing & Promotions

Marketing and promotions via our social media and marketing channels. You do not need to wory about how to reach clients.

We are looking to work with 2 types of customers:

Direct Sellers: Those who create or their own products and need an online platform to promote and sell. They want to experiment direct sale online.

Sales Partners: Those who want to run their own business and have a flair for sales and the ability to source your own products to promote and sell.

Why should you Work With Us

We have removed all of the hard work of setting up and running your online store.

  • No more stressing about your design
  • No more agonising about which solution or where to host it
  • No more concerns on how to manage payment options
  • No more worries about security
  • We look to diversify our products and are always open to new ideas.

In creating a marketplace, not only can we build a network of like-minded business entrepreneurs and sales champions but we can also build a community that will grow together through the sharing of knowledge, ideas, leads and successes.