Frequently Asked Questions

It could be a very good business policy to give some coupon to customer. Seller could give the coupon for special customers as a special offer. This is why Novamarketplace give every vendor or seller the right to creat coupon for his own products and for his store.

Creating Coupons

To create coupon navigate to Seller Dashboard ? Coupon and click “add new coupon”. Insert name, type, product name that the coupon for, add any neccessery then click add coupon button.

Show Coupon on Store Front

You can show the coupon on store front by checking the last option on add coupon page.
Fixed Amount Discount

Fixed Amount Discount coupon mean when a customer use the coupon he will get a fixed amount discount that mentioned on the coupon. Whatever his total order amount is he will get the same amount discount.

Product Percentage (%) Discount

Product Percentage Discount mean when a customer use the coupon in his order then he will get a discount depends on his order total amount. He will get a discount of percentage that mentioned on the coupon of his total order.

From your seller dashboard, you can generate different handy reports for your Novamarketplace store. They help you in critical moments and also to understand the status of your store. Navigate to- Seller Dashboard → Reports → Statements

You can select the time period for your statement by clicking on the From and To. Select your preferred date and click Show button. It will generate a statement of your income and withdraw amounts during that period.

You can also export this statement by clicking on the Export All button. It will create a CSV file for you.

The reported statement clearly indicates the Dates, Order ID, Type (Opening Balance, Withdraw or Order), Sales amount, Earned amount and final Balance.

Total Earning

Seller could view his total earning from withdraw page.

Withdraw Methods

Seller could select his comfortable withdrawal method from drop-down box in withdraw page.

Minimum Limit

Seller must have minimum limit to make a withdraw request. Novamarketplace owners have set the minimum balance for seller to make a withdrawal request. seller will view the limit in Novamarketplace terms & condition and will get email notification.

Withdraw Approve Notification

Seller will get e-mail notification when his withdraw request gets approved by one of admin.

When you creat your store, you will get a special and unique link of your store like https://novamarketplace.com/store/YOUR-USERNAME. To success get more sale, you can start to promote your store link by sharing it to your freinds, relatives, by advertisinging it…

More than that, every store created to Novamarketplace, has his own SEO settings. This means you can manage your own store SEO by setting up it. Vendors can manage SEO for their store page. They can write custom SEO meta, store permalink and description from their dashboard.

You can manage your store seo settings by going to your Dashboard, Settings and Store SEO.

Novamarketplace Vendor Review allows customers to post a review and rank the vendor.

In Novamarketplace , each vendor has a storefront where the review and rating are displayed. Without this feature, the rating and reviews are aggregated from the product reviews. But we make the reviews vendor specific with this feature, making the reviews more clear and customers will be able to decide about buying from a vendor faster. With this feature added, vendors will strive to get better reviews and rankings, your vendors will gain more trust and make more sales.

The vendors cannot change or moderate the reviews. If there is any spamming or misleading review, only the Novamarketplace admins can handle that.

With this Novamarketplace Vendor Review, you will be able to:

  • Customers post text reviews on any vendor
  • Customers can view all the reviews in the review tab
  • Customers rate the vendors at a 1-5 star rating
  • The rating is displayed on each storefront

How customers will use this feature ?

  1. Customers can go to a storefront and click on the review tab
  2. Add a review title and enter the review.
  3. Rank the store in a 1 to 5 star rating
  4. Press submit
  5. Go to the same page again to edit the review
  6. One customer can only post one review on a store.

Customers ask about products all the time and answering them quickly is a great thing in online business.The queries may range from simple to more serious matters like shipping issues, payment gateways or even requesting bulk orders. Sometimes customers may need to contact the seller after sales. For example, the shipment got delayed or a little thing went missing or the product is faulty. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just solve them instantly and keep a track of it? Sometimes a phone call may be too far away. So, Novamarketplace Store Support allows you to receive and answer customer’s queries right from your storefront which the customer already has in front of him/her. We at Novamarketplace.com are very concerned about business privacy. With this feature, a customer will contact through his/her profile, so no emailing can get in the way.

If you are a seller, you will get the support page inside the frontend of your dashboard with all other Novamarketplace features for sellers or vendors. Customers can find the support feature on the storefront. The queries come marked as tickets and you can keep track of specific customer’s requests through the ticket thread and provide follow-ups. Handy, isn’t it?

Customers feel comfort buying from trusted sellers, if you can vouch for a seller – that works too! Only addresses, names and numbers on a LCD screen are not enough sometimes. This is why Novamarketplace want to certify that all information on a vendor is real; customers will not hesitate to shop. With Novamarketplace Seller Verification every vendor has his free will to verify his ID, phone, Address, Social profilees… and customers will be able to see them.

Customers feel freer while browsing or buying from a seller who is more open and verified by an authority. Vendors can also add verified social networking profiles into their stores.

Novamarketplace seller verification helps you to check the authenticity of the sellers via their social profile and phone. Photo ID verification is available as well.

There are many reasons for that. Note you are not forced to upgrade your account to Professional or Business membership. You can start selling for free your products every year with Starter (free) account.

If ou upgrade your seller account, you will get more advantages, more important is in commission calculation. As seller to Novamarketplace.com, your commission will be:

  1. Starter (Free) seller account: 70%
  2. Professional seller account: 85%
  3. Business seller account: 90%

To upgrade your account, visite this page.

Image below will explain you full details about every membership

Now you know why you have to upgrade your seller account. If you need more info, please contact us.

As soon as the checkout is completed via PayPal, you will be automatically enabled to add products according to the pack to which you subscribed.

When your subscription expires, your published products will go to draft. They won’t be published. They won’t be visible to store and shop. If you want them to be published and visible, you need to purchase subscription.